100 Doors Brain Teasers ...

100 Doors Brain Teasers ...

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Can you find your way out of every of the 100 room? Use in-game clues, solve addictive puzzles and open the door of each of the 100 rooms.★★ How to play ★★ - Unlock the door to escape from the exit and get to the next door. - To do that, use clues and solve puzzles - You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory to clear the floor. - every locked door required out of the box thinking to exit and escape.Game walk through:http://www.shektech.org/walkthroughs/100doorsbrainteasers2/main.htmlFeatures:- 50 Doors- Realistic, eye catching graphics- Numerous brain teasers- Logic- Highly addictiveIt is a level based game and the levels can be categorized into four door types. In the first type user has to look for clues and find a numeric based, a color sequence based or a text based code to open a door. In the second type user needs to look for objects, combine them and find a key. In the third type user needs to move four images into one of the two boxes in the room. In the last type of rooms user needs to use a map to find a clue.Have fun.


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