Battery Saver

Battery Saver

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Battery Saver FREE for AndroidBattery Saver FREE for Android is a small and clean battery utility. Easily clean your phone of resource hogging applications, kill unwanted processes, and optimize your battery life with ONE CLICK!This Battery Boosting app is under 2mb taking up a low amount of space on your phone. This Battery Extender app is also one of the only battery applications to not continuously run in the background (further killing your battery)Download Battery Saver in the Play Store today! Coming soon with a free Battery Widget! The app is free and ad supported by notification ads and in-app interstitial ads from Tap Context. Some of these ads perform an actual cloud based quick virus scan of the users device. You can use the app and disable the notification ads by going to, using the app, or simply disabling notifications by unchecking 'show notifications' in the app manager for this app. 电池节电器免费为Android 的电池节电器免费为Android是一个小而干净的电池效用。轻松清洁你的手机资源密集型应用,杀掉不需要的进程,并优化您的电池寿命与点击!这种电池升压应用程序是根据2MB的空间占用量低您的手机上。这个电池扩展应用程序也是不连续在后台运行的应用程序只有电池(进一步杀害电池),下载播放存储在电池节电器今天!即将推出的免费电池小工具! 该应用程序是免费的,广告支持通知广告和在应用程序从塔上下文插播式广告。这些广告进行一些实际的基于云的快速病毒扫描用户设备。您可以使用该应用程序,并禁用的通知广告去1optout.com的,使用的1optout.com应用程序,或者干脆禁用通知,取消选中“显示通知”在为这个应用程序的应用程序管理器。


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