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Over 6800 paintings, 700 painters and 400 museums!ABOUT ART ACADEMYArt Academy aims to be an art reference app for modern and classic art. This virtual art gallery lets its users learn more about their favorite paintings and artists and share their findings with friends. Additionally, using this art guide they can also browse the painting collections of the best museums in the world and locate them on a map.MAIN FEATURES:- Tabbed layout to improve usability.- Browse through artworks with just the swipe of a finger.- Share links to images with your friends via Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.- Save images to the SD card, if available.- Set displayed images as beautiful art wallpapers on your home screen, also includes periodic wallpaper updating.- Get higher resolution pictures and zoom in/out.- Search for paintings. You can search by title, painter, media (eg.: Oil, Canvas…), period (e.g. Art Nouveau) or genre (e.g.: Self-Portrait).- Painting bookmarks.- Painting slideshow.- Open a Wikipedia article on the painter in the browser and share the Wikipedia article link (if available) with your friends via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.- Search for painters. You can search by name, period (e.g.: Surrealism) and nationality (e.g.: American).- Painter index, browse through an alphabetically ordered list of painters.- Museum index, browse through an alphabetically ordered list.- Open a Wikipedia article on the museum in the browser and share the Wikipedia article link (if available) with your friends via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.- Open the museum official site home page (if available) in the browser.- Display both your current location and the location of the museum on a map. If you click on the museum marker, the complete address is displayed.- Search for museums. You can search by name, type (e.g.: History Museum) and country (e.g.: United Kingdom).- Landscape orientation supported both in the slideshow and zoom modes.MUSEUMS: Prado,Louvre,British,Metropolitan,Moma,National Gallery,National Portrait Gallery,Tate,Modern Art,Victoria and Albert,d'Orsay,Uffizi,Art Institute of Chicago,Van Gogh,Galleria dell'Accademia,Fine Arts,Neue........PAINTERS: Botticelli,Brueghel,Bellows,Caravaggio,Courbet,Cézanne, Chikanobu,Da Vinci,David,Degas,Delacroix,Dürer,Goya,Greco, Gauguin,Gris,Hassam,Hokusai,Kandinsky,Manet,Matisse, Michelangelo,Modigliani,Monet,Pissarro,Raphael,Renoir, Rembrandt,Rubens,Russeau,Sargent,Seurat,Sorolla,Tintoretto, Turner,Van Gogh,Veermer,Velázquez,Zurbarán.ART MOVEMENTS / PERIODS: Abstract,Academic,Baroque,Cubism,Expressionism,Futurism, Gothic,Impressionism,Joseon,Naturalism,Neoclassicism,Pre-Raphaelite,Realism,Renaissance,Rococo,Romanticism,Surrealism,Tonalism, Ukiyo-e (Edo, Meiji)..KEYWORDSmasters,application,artwork, backgrounds, brush,canvas,catalog,chalk, charcoal,crayon,culture,drawings,famous,masterpieces,mythology,oil,paint,panel,pen,pencil,pics,pictures,sketches,tempera,watercolor,woodblock print,museo, museu,musée,博物館,博物馆, музей,galeria de arte, galleriad'arte,galerie d'art, Kunstgalerie, konstgalleri,художественная галерея,アートギャラリー,미술관,박물관,تحف,معرض فنون


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