Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

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**** Meeting Minutes (Free) is now a full functionality 3 day trial version of Meeting Minutes Pro****Meeting Minutes is a simple but powerful, user-friendly and intuitive app to Organize, Store and Track Meetings, Participants, Agenda, Discussion and Action Items. It has a simple easy to use UI coupled with rich functionality and features to increase your productivity and make you a pro at organizing, tracking and managing meetings. It supports the following features:1) Create, Update and View Meetings, Participants, Agenda, Discussion and Action Items2) Import Meetings and Participants from Calendar to save time and improve efficiency(requires Android ICS or above)3) Sort and Filter Meetings, Contacts and Action Items based on different parameters4) Export/Email Meeting Minutes into a professional, simple and clear PDF, MS Word XML or HTML format. Custom Labels feature within settings allows you to generate meeting minutes in multiple languages (please note that all languages might not be supported).5) Export/Email Action Items into a comma separated values file that can be used with any spreadsheet software6) Sync Action Items to Calendar7) Export the full database or a single meeting for backup/recovery purposes.Exported files are encrypted to protect the contents.8) Import database or meeting backup. Backup from the Free version can also be imported.9) Schedule Automatic Backup. Note that automatic backups are only taken when the app is running.10) Integration with device contacts. No need to enter all participant information manually anymore. Can just select the desired contact that is already present on the device.11) Settings page to control and make the app work the way YOU want.12) Sync data between multiple devices (requires the add-on app Meeting Minutes Sync)Please refer the About page/screen of the app for license, privacy and copyright information.


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