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An Ultimate Sharingan Live Wallpaper App!
The Sharingan (Mirror Wheel Eye) is a genetic attribute, which appears in some members of the Uchiha clan. The Sharingan is also called "Heaven's Eye", because of the many abilities it grants the user. Tobirama Senju defines it as the "eye that reflects feelings". It allows user to change & determine destiny.
The Sharingan grants the user three unique abilities: 1) Instantly memorize and replicate any opponent's movement and attacks in exact detail. 2) Increased clarity of perception, allowing them to track and predict the movements and actions of fast-moving objects. 3) Implant memories in another person.
This app is for all Anime and Manga series lovers.
App includes 60 most exciting Sharingan wallpapers which will be set on your device home screen & will be displayed one by one after specific time interval.
App includes all types of Sharingans like - First Stage, Second Stage, Third Stage, Kakashi Eternal, Itachi Eternal, Mystery, Shisui Eternal, Madara, Madara's Eternal, Madara's Brother, Sasuke, Sasuke Eternal, Mangekyou, Ultimate Mangekyou, Eye of Ten Tailed & many other unique types also.
Take a look towards app...
* Exciting collection of all types of Sharingan Wallpapers.
* All Wallpapers are in HD & work best on all android phones.
* View the Next Wallpaper : You can view the next wallpaper using 3 different ways :
1) Image Time Interval : It enables you to choose particular time interval between two images. After completing that time interval, next image will automatically replace the previous one. It varies from 2 seconds to 7 days.
Getting bored of watching same wallpaper on screen for long time...
Just (2) Shake Your Phone or (3) Double Tap on Screen and next wallpaper will come in action regardless of image time interval.
In addition, You have the power of choosing any of the above methods.
* Image selection : It enables you to choose particular images which will be part of animation. Just check mark on your favourite images and only theses images will be displayed on home screen.
* Instant rating, sharing and feedback options.
* Recommendation of other popular apps.
* App will not work in background so good for your phone's battery.
* No internet connectivity is required.
So, dive in your magic world & enjoy the application.
Your suggestions are much valuable for us so don't forget to provide feedback after using the application.
Disclaimer : All images used in this app are believed to be in public domain. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear here, please contact us at and they will be promptly removed in the next version of the application.


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