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Stability improvements & other small updates
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Designs in Machine Embroidery is your source for inspiring embroidery projects! Designs in Machine Embroidery is the leader in providing inspiration and information to the machine embroidery enthusiast. Editor Eileen Roche shares her wealth of embroidery and sewing experience in the popular project based magazine. Her talent, creativity and enthusiasm distinguish her from others in the industry and are the driving force behind the company's success. Regular contributors to the magazine include Nancy Zieman, Deborah Jones, Alba Fekete, Katherine Artines and more. Eileen is also an innovator in her field-developing products in the embroidery industry that save time and money while enabling embroiderers to fulfill their creative passion for machine embroidery. She is a frequent guest on Sewing With Nancy and she also hosts the Embroider it Yourself educational video series, as well as the author of several books. Whether you're interested in embroidering quilts, wearables, home décor or crafts or you want to master an embroidery technique -- look to Designs in Machine Embroidery as your resource. There's something for every embroiderer at Designs in Machine Embroidery.
在刺绣的设计是鼓舞人心的刺绣项目源!刺绣设计提供灵感和信息,以绣花机爱好者中的佼佼者。编辑艾琳罗氏股份她的财富刺绣和缝纫经验的民心工程杂志。她的天赋,创造性和积极性,她从其他同业区别开来,是公司成功的原动力。该杂志的定期贡献者包括南希Zieman医师,德博拉·琼斯,阿尔巴菲克特,凯瑟琳Artines和更多。艾琳是在她的领域开发产品的创新,在刺绣行业,节省时间和金钱,同时使绣花机刺绣,以履行他们的创作激情。她与南希缝纫机上的常客,她也承载绣花自己教育系列影片,以及几本书的作者。无论你有兴趣在绣花棉被,服饰,家​​居装饰工艺品,或你想掌握刺绣技术 - 刺绣设计作为你的资源。每一个绣花的刺绣设计有什么东西。

Stability improvements & other small updates

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