Malayalam Songs

Malayalam Songs

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Watch Movie Songs, Albums straight on your mobile. Get additional information such as Movie Name, Year Of Release, Music Director, Lyricist, Singers, Actors, Raaga.
Use Update Songs / Search Song from menu to get all songs. The application will initially download just 100 songs, so do search song from menu to find your favourite songs.
We have over 19000 song information and 3200 song videos across 4500 different movies.
Malayalam Songs is an attempt to list all the greatest songs in an easy to enjoy way. Malayalam Song lists songs from Malayalam Film Industry. You could browse song by Name, Movie and Artists.
We have an amazing collection of rare songs and videos all in one place. An application for the people of Kerala (Gods Own Country). Why search on Youtube or search engines when you can find the song quickly with all informations, straight on your mobile.


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