Marathi SMS

Marathi SMS

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Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine's day SMSThe Mahiways solution has come up with a Marathi SMS application. This application will help you/your parents to communicate using predefined messages with minimum clicks. Also, If Marathi SMS application is installed on the receiver side then the dialog for SMS will be shown in Marathi. Features1. Easy to use – even for elderly people2. List of frequently used messages in regional language3. If installed on both side, you can send and receive SMS in regional language4. Frequently used marathi sms messages will appear on top.5. It has SMS message for all Maharashtrian Festivals as well as Indian National festivals. These messages will only be visible a week before festival’s timeframe.If you find that we have limited the application, the Marathi SMS you need is not present in the application, please send us email on We will include your messages in the next upgrade. Please feel free to share any other feedback and we will listen to you.PLEASE NOTE APPLICATION IS DESIGNED TO WORK FOR “PREDEFINED” MESSAGES SUPPLIED ALONG WITH THE APPLICATION.Keywords : Marathi, Hindustan, Bharat, India, Marathi SMS, SMS, SMS templates, Maharashtra, Simple SMS, My Boli-My Marathi


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