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Caller Blocker

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Caller Blocker is the best way to block those annoying unwanted caller. Whether its marketing calls that are annoying you or whether its an ex that keeps calling, you can now easily block those unwanted calls.
Caller Blocker is the most secure call blocker as we never transfer your number or any of the numbers you have on your phone to any server. Your contact numbers are always safe with you and are never share with anyone ever.
Caller Blocker is the fastest call blocker as we try to block the call before its first ringer.
We offer a way to block a phone number in many ways including:
1. Pick a Contact from phone book that you want to block. This is Contact Blocker.
2. Pick a recent call from recent calls list and block the number.
3. Manually enter a number you want to block.
4. At end of call we show Call log with ability to block any number in call log, this is the easiest way to block a number as it is right after those annoying calls.
Block the unwanted call and live with peace of mind.


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