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Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) is the world's premier hobbyist magazine for electronics and computer enthusiasts, with construction projects for beginners and experts.
Every issue is packed with ideas, theory and projects to build, with full circuit diagrams, printed circuit board layouts, artwork and photos. If you're interesting in learning more about electronics and computing, then EPE is bound to have something for you.
Regular features included in the magazine are: Techno Talk, a review of the latest, often quirky, developments in technology; Circuit Surgery, an in-depth investigation into readers’ circuit queries; Practically Speaking, where Robert Penfold explains the techniques of building electronic projects, including soldering etc; Pic N’ Mix, our feature on PIC microprocessors; Net Work discusses developments, software and equipment for use on the Internet; Raspberry PI, where this special microcomputer and its ancillaries are reviewed and developed; Interface - circuits and components to use with your computer.
In addition to all this there is news from the world of electronics, special offers, a selection of books and CDROMs to buy. Readout – reader’s letters – plus regular in-dept Teach-In series where newcomers can learn all about digital and analogue electronics, and more knowledgeable readers can brush up on their understanding.
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定期在该杂志的功能包括:化工技术交流,最新的评论,往往是离奇的,技术的发展,电路外科,在深入调查到读者的电路查询,实事求是地讲,罗伯特彭福公解释建筑物电子技术项目,包括焊接等;图片N'组合,PIC微处理器功能;工作讨论净额用于在互联网上的发展,软件和设备; Raspberry Pi的,在这个特殊的微机及其辅助审查和发展;接口 - 电路和使用与您的计算机组件。
除了这一切,有来自世界各地的电子产品,特别优惠,精选的书籍和CDROM要购买的消息。读数 - 读者的字母 - 加普通系教系列,新人可以在那里学习所有关于数字和模拟电子,更博学的读者可以刷上自己的理解。

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