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Cashew Secure Messenger

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CASHEW SECURE MESSENGERCashew is an internet based cross-platform messaging application that works across computer, tablet and mobile devices. Among mobile messaging applications, Cashew may be classified under OTT or over-the-top messaging service, provided directly by Loment as a third party service provider and does not require additional support from a mobile operator.Computer and Tablet devices that do not have a mobile number and connect to the Internet via personal, corporate or public Wi-Fi networks can also take advantage of Cashew service. A user may wish to install the application with the same User ID can continue using the service seamlessly from multiple devices.Privacy and Security Features• Provides Privacy to Protect Data at Rest.o Password protection to allow access to authorized userso Hibernation• Security to Protect data in transit for P2P and end to end encryptiono Messages are encrypted directly at the Sender device and are decrypted only in the recipient device(s).o Server has cipher text and does not have access to clear text messages.Key Features• Personal and Private Chat that is Secure and Confidential• Sharing of Text Files• Sharing of Pictures from gallery and captured through the device in real-time• Sharing of Audio files and Voice notes recorded • Sharing of video files from gallery and real-time recordedProprietary Features:• Priority Indication- Messages can be set with one of the four priorities (Highest, High, Medium, and Low) based on the importance and criticality,• Restricted Messages- Messages can restricted to stop forwarding or copying to others if the sender does want others to read the message except the recipients.• Auto Expiration- Messages can be set to be deleted automatically after a specified time defined by sender, after the recipient reads the message,- This will be useful in cases where highly confidential messages need to be deleted automatically.• Acknowledgments- Sender can set acknowledgement request and the recipient will be allowed to read the message only after acknowledgement is sent,• Scheduled Delivery- The sender can set the specific time when the message will be delivered to the recipient.- Useful in sending messages at the right time for reminder or notifying critical information at the right timeOther Important Features• Subscription based service• Activation and Deactivation• Remote Wipe Out• OTA download• User Profile Support• Private ContactsCASHEW BenefitsCashew OTT text messaging as a platform for regulatory compliance; for example, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Compliant secure text messaging for healthcare industry, enterprise customers, mobile banking, financial services, insurance, accounting, legal and other professional servicesKeywords Secure Messenger, Encrypted Messenger, Private Messenger, Secret Messenger, Auto Expiry Message, Auto Deleted Message, Protected Message, Hack Proof Message, Restricted Message, Compliance Messenger Services, Privacy Messenger, Security Messenger, Message remote wipe-out.


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