Toddler Musical Instruments! - Free Edition

Toddler Musical Instruments! - Free Edition

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From the developer of &Things that Go! - Toddler Cars& and &Toddler Animal Sounds - Roars!& comes another educational and fun childrens photo book!Your child, toddler, or baby will enjoy seeing and hearing the many different Musical Instruments in a slide show they can operate. Strings, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds are all here! 24 different instruments and sounds. Get your child excited about music!Perfect for entertaining your child at a restaurant, waiting in line for something, going grocery shopping, etc. Helps your child distinguish between different instruments and sounds. This has been especially popular with two-year-olds. Email me if you have requests/questions. It is impossible for me to respond to your concerns if you only leave them in the comments!*Press &HOME& key on your phone to exit the app.**Also search for our other apps, just search &Lockeandev& in the Google Play Store**Free Edition*The only difference between this and the paid version is the ads. Both versions have 24 pictures and sounds.keywords: …...


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