Kids Paint & Color

Kids Paint & Color

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The best coloring and painting experience! Unleash your child’s creative genius. The best coloring and painting experience ! Unleash your child’s creative genius. Children start painting by choosing a color from a vibrant palette. As they color the underlying details of the object like the spots on the giraffe magically appear. The application has advanced region detection, which ensures that the paint does not bleed into adjacent regions while finger painting. So if the child is coloring the lion the paint stays within the lion and does not bleed into the ground or sky. See with your own eyes how your child’s painting took life. The replay mode shows a time lapse movie of how your child colored the picture. For painting smaller objects, the pin mode locks the object so that the child can focus on painting just that object. The application supports tablets, and all images are rendered in high definition. Share your child’s creativity with the world. Post the paintings on facebook, or email them to friends and family. This application comes with 6 images of animals and birds for hours. Please purchase the full edition of the application for more images. The full edition comes with about 30 images for hours of fun. Toddlers, preschoolers, children in kindergarten and all ages will enjoy, painting, drawing and coloring.


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