Chinese Lessons and Flashcards

Chinese Lessons and Flashcards

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LangLearner Lessons allows people from all levels to learn Mandarin quickly through our multimedia guide and phrasebook. Also great for travel chinese (chino, chinois, chinês, Chinesisch, 中文, 中国语, 중국어, китайский) and vocabulary and learning chinese characters plus pinyin. Our multimedia flashcards and phrasebook allow you to see and hear each word and phrase that you are learning and include pictures, text, and correct audio pronunciation. Learn how to read and how to talk. Repeat and review the lessons and individual words as much as you want until you've fully mastered the material. Take language classes on the go with LangLearner your phonetic tutor! Good for all learning levels and education backgrounds including adults, children, beginners, and advanced. Our lessons are perfect for kids learning a second language, people preparing for a trip, introductory courses, seminars, class supplements, and general education. Our flash card lessons are prepared in different modules and subject matter and can be used in kindergarten, elementary school, home schooling, college, university, and adult language courses. Our modules intuitive teach you new language skills and allow you to master verbs and grammar rules in context and via immersion. As a result, this modern language theory method of teaching provides accelerated course study and introductory foreign language curriculum. Our lessons are also structured to work with any learning style (auditory / listening / phonics, visual, and experimental). Increase your vocabulary using our cards with 32 lists of new words using our state of the art picture dictionary and thesaurus. So easy to use that even a baby can even learn a new language. Soon you will be speaking like a native and be able to communicate, talk, and translate like a professional! We worked hard to make learning a new language as easy as learning your first numbers and letters of the alphabet! 123 ABC! Download our study guide now and soon you'll be ready to put your Chinese knowledge into practice during your first trip to China, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Chengdu, Xian, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing Great Wall, Guilin, or Shenzhen! Already have a language app or a dictionary from berlitz, babbel, codegent, busuu, bhuio, cidian, xidia, pleco, bravolol, or holfeld? Then try this free application from LangLearner. We're positive you won't regret the download! No internet connection is required after download, so you can study on the go! Ads-free version! 6 lessons (20MB of content).


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