Toddler Sing and Play

Toddler Sing and Play

New music and sound effects, improved gameplay, added features!
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Toddler Sing and Play应用介绍:

Your kids will love singing along with these games:
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• Itsy Bitsy Spider
• You Are My Sunshine
• I'm A Little Teapot
Designed for ages 2 and up, these games help your children learn popular songs while interacting in a fun and creative way.
***Twinkle Twinkle Little Star***
Drag the stars into place and watch as the scene progresses until you have a full starry night with clouds, mountains, the moon, twinkling stars, and a few surprise animals. Plus, your children may learn a new verse or two along the way (did you know the original song has five verses?).
***Itsy Bitsy Spider***
Spiders crawling everywhere! Make it rain, make it shine, get the spiders to go up the spout. Lots of silly spider actions and noises, and a few farm animals waiting to be played with!
***You Are My Sunshine***
Hurry, put all of your toys away before the sun goes down! This game features a kid's room with lots of objects to interact with, from toys to bouncing balls to books. This game is perfect for children who love to organize!
***I'm A Little Teapot***
In this kitchen, your toddler will have fun playing with different teapots and dozens of kitchen items. Turn on the stove, explore the cupboards, and watch as the happy teapots perform the song actions!
•Its​​y bitsy的蜘蛛
*** Itsy bitsy的蜘蛛***

New music and sound effects, improved gameplay, added features!

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