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Lacoon Mobile Security A...

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Check Point Protect helps organizations mitigate security risks when allowing employees to use their own (BYOD) smartphones and tablets at work. It offers the industry’s most comprehensive mobile protection for Android devices, applications and data.
Protect keeps information stored and accessed on mobile devices safe, all without impacting user experience or privacy. It helps you stay productive by keeping you connected to enterprise applications and data, and it gives you the confidence of knowing your personal information and company’s assets are protected from advanced, targeted mobile cyber threats like
- Viruses and malware that can steam information on or flowing through your device
- Spyware that criminals can use to snoop on what you say and do on your device. Spyware can be used to access your email, location, or even to take over your device’s microphone or camera.
- Wi-Fi hotspot intrusions that hackers can use to steal information sent and received on your device when you connect in a public place like an airport or coffee shop.
- Advanced persistent threats (APTs) that use a variety of vectors over time to learn as much about you, the resources you connect to, and the data you access.
Protect is a lightweight app that runs in the background, so it won’t impact your device’s battery life or performance. And there’s nothing you need to learn and nothing you need to do. If a threat is detected, intuitive prompts let you know exactly what’s happened and exactly what you need to do to keep your data safe. This gives you the freedom to use your device as you always have without the fear of an attacker or corporate eyes spying on your sensitive information.
Check Point Software Technologies is committed to protecting your privacy. We don't collect or share any personal information with anyone. For more information, please see the privacy statement on our site at
Check Point的保护可以帮助企业允许员工使用自己的(BYOD)的智能手机和平板电脑在工作的时候降低安全风险。它提供了业界对于Android设备,应用程序和数据最全面的移动保护。
- 病毒和恶意软件,可以蒸信息或流经您的设备
- 间谍软件,犯罪分子可以用它来窥探你说的话,做您的设备上。间谍软件可以用来访问电子邮件,位置,甚至接管设备的麦克风或摄像头。
- Wi-Fi热点的入侵,黑客可以利用窃取发送和设备上的获得,当你在像机场或咖啡馆公共场所连接信息。
- 高级持续性威胁(APT),使用多种载体的一段时间去学习尽可能多的关于您的,您连接到资源,并访问数据。
Check Point软件技术承诺保护您的隐私。我们不会收集或与任何人分享任何个人信息。欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的网站的隐私声明,。


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