Workout for SmartWatch

Workout for SmartWatch

✔ Setting to preserve watch battery
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You wanna bring structure to your trainings but don't have the discipline for it?You are distracted by facebook or texting while trying to be productive?There is no need to keep your phone at the gym!Workout app is your SmartWatch fitness assistant providing:✔ Working sets according to your workout plans✔ Load values and repetition times for exercise types✔ Rest periods control with vibration✔ Encouragement on achievements and motivationRead more in our blog http://komparato.blogspot.comNOTICE: THIS IS A DEMO prototype for Workout app which is under construction at the moment.Would you like to join community of adopters, vote for features and obtain early releases?Contact us!email: komparatos@gmail.comskype: alexey.rudakovskySmart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

✔ Setting to preserve watch battery

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