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PageScope Mobile

- User Authentication with Android device is supported (Card Reader Authentication).
- The following Android OS was added into Support OS.
Android OS 5.0
- Bug Fixes.
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PageScope Mobile应用介绍:

- Print documents in "My Documents" folder.
The data in "My Documents" can be printed from the Konica Minolta multifunction printers(listed below) that support this application.
Documents scanned from multifunction printers or files attached to Emails can be saved in "My Documents".
Supports Authentication and Secure Print to provide you with a more Secure printing environment.
It is possible to print Email messages and attachments received by the Email address programmed in this application.
Attached files can be saved into "My Documents".
Web pages can be printed from this application.
Pictures that have been taken using the camera function can be saved into Gallery.
This feature will also allow you to print the images that have been saved into Gallery.
*WebDAV Scan Receive Function
Data that has been scanned from multifunction printers can be saved into "My Documents".
*Scan Function
Using PageScope Mobile, documents can be scanned from multifunction printers and saved into "My Documents".
*Printer driver function
By using the Intent function, data stored in the Android device can be printed via this application.
*Online Storage function
- Documents that have been saved in Online Storage can be printed. Documents and scanned data can be uploaded to Online Storage.
(Supports Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox and Evernote)
*PC connections
The following are supported:
- Direct print from PC, File servers
- Download from PC, File servers
- Direct upload to PC, File servers
- Scanned data can be uploaded to PC, File servers
*My Print Manager Link
The data in My Document , Online Storage, Mail and Web that have been managed by this application, the PageScope My Print Manager Port for Android, can be spooled to PageScope My Print Manager server that is designated by the user via the application and then can be printed with the optional printers.
Please refer the Help screen for the details of other features.
*NFC Function
Users can register printer information by reading an NFC tag that contains written data regarding the KONICA MINOLTA printer. Using the NFC function, printing and scanning operations can be easily performed.
In order to prepare the NFC tag with the written data format required by KONICA MINOLTA, the KONICA MINOLTA NFC Tag Writer must be installed on a printer equipped with an NFC antenna.
*Operating Environment
Android 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4
256MB(RAM) & above
Screen resolution:
320x240(QVGA) & above
Tested devices:
Samsung GALAXY S II (OS 2.3.3)
Samsung GALAXY Nexus(OS 4.0.1)
Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS 4.0.4)
Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS 4.1)
ASUS Nexus7(OS4.2)
ASUS Nexus7(OS4.3)
LG Nexus5(OS4.4)
The device must be a mobile computing device such as smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity enabled.
The device must have undergone the Google CTS test.(Devices with independently customized operating systems such as e-book readers are not supported.)
* There may be limitations or you may need to upgrade. For more information, please refer to the FAQ.
*Supported Models
For more information, please refer to the FAQ.
- Wi-Fi connectivity is required.
- Files that are created in incompatible file formats are not supported (MS-Office documents such as DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.)
- For this application, the format and size of a file that can be used may have restrictions. Please refer to the FAQs For more details.
- It will not work properly with any un-supported MFPs or printers.
- While capturing scan data using WebDAV scan, you must set OFF the SSL settings of WebDAV scan in MFP.
- Depending on the Web page layout, printing the entire Web page may not work properly.
- Web pages using Flash may not Print properly.
- Japanese Web pages and Email may not print properly on the Android 4.3 device. Please change the Select language from [Japanese] to [English] on your device and press [Print]
- 在“我的文档”文件夹中打印文档。
* WebDAV的扫描接收功能
- 已保存在在线存储的文件可以打印。文件和扫描的数据可以上传到在线存储。
- 从个人电脑,文件服务器直接打印
- 下载的电脑,文件服务器
- 直接上传到电脑,文件服务器
- 可以将扫描数据上传至PC机,文件服务器
* NFC功能
为了制备具有由KONICA MINOLTA需要写入的数据格式的NFC标签,对KONICA MINOLTA NFC标签写入器必须安装在配备有NFC天线的打印机。
安卓2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4
三星Galaxy S II(OS 2.3.3)
三星GALAXY Nexus(OS 4.0.1)
摩托罗拉XOOM的Wi-Fi(OS 4.0.4)
摩托罗拉XOOM的Wi-Fi(OS 4.1)
LG Nexus5(OS4.4)
- Wi-Fi连接是必需的。
- 不支持在不兼容的文件格式创建的文件(MS-Office文件,如DOC,XLS,PPT等)
- 对于这种应用,可用于可能有限制的文件,其格式和大小。请参阅常见问题的更多细节。
- 它不会有任何不支持的多功能一体机和打印机正常工作。
- 当使用WebDAV的扫描捕捉扫描数据,则必须设置为OFF的WebDAV扫描的SSL设置的多功能一体机。
- 根据不同的网页布局,打印整个网页可能无法正常工作。
- 使用Flash的网页可能无法正确​​打印。
- 日本的网页和电子邮件可能不会在Android 4.3设备上正确打印。请变更从[日语]选择语言[英文]您的设备,然后按[打印]

- User Authentication with Android device is supported (Card Reader Authentication).
- The following Android OS was added into Support OS.
Android OS 5.0
- Bug Fixes.

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