Photo Background Erase Changer

Photo Background Erase Changer

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Photo Background Erase Changer应用介绍:

Want play few tricks with you photograph? Want to edit it using your mobile phone and not Photoshop? Want to erase the background and add another background? All this can be done using this application that too very quickly. You don't need to edit your photo on Photoshop.
This application helps to erase and cut any portion of your photograph and allow you to place it on another background.
This is a real working application.
Application features :
- Use mobile gallery or use direct camera.
- Erase the portion you don't want from the photograph.
- You can erase using erasing tools which is really easy to use.
- Click done and move to next page to place the remaining photo with another background.
- You can use backgrounds already given in the app or use your own background or photo.
- Save the final image and easily share through social apps.
The editing tools provided in this app are really easy to use and helps to give you a perfect edited photograph. So enjoy changing photo backgrounds.
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