Magic Dodecahedron

Magic Dodecahedron

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A great time passer and brain teaser. Magic Dodecahedron is a puzzle similar to Rubiks Cube in the shape of dodecahedron, which is widely known as Megaminx. This is a 12 colors version. Use your touch screen to solve the puzzle and save your solution to SD card, then share your solution with your friends. You can also ask the application to solve it for you. Two methods are included: Layer By Layer method and Keyhole method. Menu Instruction (press Menu to show options): Restore: return the puzzle to solved state instantly (entering Play Mode). Scramble: scramble the puzzle using randomly generated sequence (entering Play Mode). Solve: solve the puzzle using built-in algorithms starting with yellow face first (entering View Mode). File: Save current state, Import from SD cad or Exit the application. Demo Solution: choose a demo solution to view (entering View Mode) Help: show control instruction and solution steps V1.0: one demo solution and one star pattern added v1.05: solver embedded, it is able to solve the puzzle from any random position v1.06: target cubes are outlined when viewing solution v1.10: Layer By Layer method is added, Playback buttons are placed on screen, Solution sequence is graphically displayed ...


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