FreeCell in Nature

FreeCell in Nature

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Freecell in Nature - Freecell card game. the solitaire game. The freecell is on of the famous solitaire (playing card game played by oneself) has a long history and various playing rules.The freecell has been loved by much more users after Microsoft Windows OS providing it as a pre-installed game in it.I also got to know the freecell game as the same way. "Freecell in Nature" provides you the different game sets from those of the Microsoft Windows OS, i.e. the same game number "100" this game has the different arrangement of the playing cards.However, "Freecell in Nature" users can see the same game set with a same game number. Solve the difficult game sets by sharing game number with your friends~!!! Unfortunately, all of the game sets in "Freecell in Nature" haven't been proved as the solvable game.I have plan to make a way to share complex and unsolvable game sets among users by the updates. Anyone who has played other freecell games much, challenge "Freecell in Nature" game sets which haven't been solved yet by other users~!!! "Freecell in Nature" is a mobile playing card game and designed to be easy to playeven in a swaying bus and subway. Anyone who hasn't played freecell game yet, I hope, enjoy freecell game with the easy and simple UI of "Freecell in Nature"


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