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Jbak Keyboard

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This is tiny, fast and powerfull soft keyboard for Android. Supported languages:English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Deutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew, Tatar,Bashkir.Input with autocopletions for English, Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar and Bashkir languages. After installation you need make these steps: Go to System settings >Language and keyboard, enable Jbak Keyboard. Press Ok on alert about stealing codes and passwords. Keyboard not steal passwords:) In any input field press Input method > Jbak Keyboard.If you know something about xml, you can create your own keyboard or language! See details on official web-site.Usage: Each letter key of keyboard contains additional symbol, which avaliable by long-press of this key Long-press of Shift key displays special keyboard for text editing. With this keyboard you can easy move cursol, select text, copy, paste an cut Long-press of Enter displays keyboard for input emoticons. Long-press of 123 opens menu, where avaliable main settings, multi clipboard and templates. Multi clipboard stores 20 last copied text for inserting into text fields. Templates can contains any text for quick inserting into text fields and some special instructions for operations with selection Keyboard contains many settings. There are: Key height, different for portrait and landscape, with preview; List of languages for switching; Keyboard for all languages; Fonts for labels on keys Skin, one of 6 integrated skins Font for fullscreen editor; Vibro for short and long press, and perions in miliseconds; Stetes of Shift key (for example, you can disable CapsLock); Auto case changing and insertings spaces


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