My Bowling 3D

My Bowling 3D

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My Bowling 3D应用介绍:

Following the worldwide success of Pro Snooker 2012 and Pro Pool 2012, iWare Designs brings you My Bowling 3D, probably the most realistic and playable Ten Pin Bowling game available on mobile devices. Boasting fully textured game environments and full 3D rigid body physics this game is the complete package for both casual and serious gamers.
Create any kind of shot you like by adjusting your stance, direction and ball spin. The shot types are only limited by your imagination. The simple tap and flick interface allows you to pick up and play the game quickly, or alternatively for the more serious bowlers we have included additional features to allow the ball to be positioned and the shot shaped as required.
So whether you want a simple easy and fun bowling game or a full on simulation this game is for you.
Download My Bowling 3D now and try it for free, you will not be disappointed.
∙ Choose from the Single and Multiplayer hot seat games modes.
∙ Up to 4 players per game.
∙ Play against other human and CPU opponents.
∙ Full rating and progress system ranging from Rookie to Legend status.
∙ Up to 4 human player profiles with their own statistics.
∙ 5 bowling environments to choose from.
∙ 20+ bowling balls to choose from.
∙ 5 pin styles to choose from.
∙ Ball weight customization.
∙ 14 Achievements to obtain.
∙ Fully adjustable address including position and direction.
∙ Full spin control and shot shape setup.
∙ Save your favorite shots and watch them with complete video playback.
∙ High score tables and statistics per bowling alley.
∙ 5 levels of CPU difficulty.
∙ Take action photos and save them to your gallery.
∙ Full 3D physics at 30 FPS!
∙ Full 3D textured environments.
∙20 +保龄球可供选择。
∙在30 FPS的全3D物理!


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