Tanks of Fury

Tanks of Fury

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Now you can have the full version of Tanks of Fury, free!(Note: this version contains ads)Tanks of Fury:The time has come. You must fight. Not because you have to, but because it’s fun!Taunt your enemy with witty one-liners as you blow them to smithereens. But don’t get too excited...it’s not all glamour, death and giggles. The enemy is cruel and will happily make you eat your words by way of an explosive shell. Do you have what it takes?- Battle through 4 Deadly missions with 16 cruel and beautiful levels.- Choose which Tank Commander you want to represent your fury.- Pick your war machine and customise it with a snazzy paint job.- Defend your troops while you storm the beach and shoot down WWII fighters- Battle the bad guys and steal their ill-begotten gold!- Bust into a secret desert air base and take on a jump jet.- Go into space to repel metal munching aliens and blast insectoid tanks!Do you have the guts to kick butt and take names? Join up, ye soldier of fortune and scrawl your name in history.


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