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★ Imagine your child learning to read english in 72 sessions, and loving every minute!Over the past 12 years our learn-to-read system has achieved 98% success, even with the children that have the most difficulty reading. Our new 3D version lets you use it at home with your child. If your child doesn't learn to read - your money back!Your child will learn to read following a simple daily routine:1. Your child receives a new book every day they open the app. These engaging stories bring them delight with gorgeous full-page 3D illustrations, interactive story lines, fun voices and catchy songs.2.We send you a simple matching Parent Booklet by email. This is your guide to running today's Learn-to-Read session with your child. 3.Your child first listens to Today's New Book, and then with your guidance they read it themselves. Finally they work the printed Activity Sheet that came in your Parent Booklet - this provides practice and further exploration of today's skills. Each session is about 30 minutes.Benefits:It works at your pace:✔At the beginning you start with a fast and easy reading level assessment to determine your child's initial reading level.✔You run the sessions when and where it works best for you and your child.✔There are 15 levels with appropriate mastery points along the way. You control the pace to suit your child's ability and their progress. ✔And you control the pace and timing to match your busy schedule ✔If something comes up (like your child gets sick), no problem, you can just keep the next books in your queue.✔Your child receives help from the app on the exact sentence or word that they need help on, when they need it.Your child will be reading in no time:✔Assuming your child starts at the beginning, there are 72 Learn-to-Read days and 72 Fun-to-Read days, for a total of 144 days.✔If your child is motoring right a long, you can adjust the pace to run the system in as few as 72 days.200% Guarantee:✔The app is free to download. ✔You get a free sample book to warm your child up to the idea of learning to read.✔The initial assessment book is free.✔Your first 4 books are free, along with their Parent Booklets.✔After that, it's pay as you go. No subscriptions. No lock ins.✔200% money back guarantee.If you are unhappy for any reason, we'll refund you in full, with no hassle (just contact our support team via the app's menu) and you can continue using the app.☎ Contact support anytime if you need help:✔Feedback is built into the app. Contact us any time. We love to hear from you. And we answer everything personally.✔If you need help - just ask. We have reading experts here to help you succeedAbout Read Me Stories:Read Me Stories is the top reading app for kids in the education category on iOS and Android.We are already part of millions of parents daily routine from all over the world.Our vision is to make reading fun, enjoyable and an activity that your child looks forward to everyday.We developed this reading system for you, a busy parent with limited time.You will find it fits right into your life.What some of our customers are saying:“I love this library. It has great apps for learner readers My 5 years old daughter loves all the book series. It is the only way that I can make her to practice and to try to read”“My kids love this app, I love it because they read along and help them to know words.... Love it”“My son who is 7, hates to read, but he is reading along with the stories in this app! My 9 year old son even enjoys it!”
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