Reading Mode

Reading Mode

# Several Bug fixes
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Reading Mode应用介绍:

Reading Mode takes care of everything you need to make your Android device reading friendly so that you can focus on reading,
even in night. While all you need to do is a tap.
Its awesome goodies include

BlueLight filter - to protect your eyes when you are reading for a long time. It keeps your eyes miles away from strain even when you read for hours.

Brightness below minimum - to make looking at the screen comfortable even when it is pitch dark.

Auto Pause - Reading Mode auto pauses when a certain app is being used.
• Increases the sleep timeout of the screen to a longer interval so that it does not go away while you are still busy reading.
• Locks the brightness and orientation to your preferred setting so that your screen does not keep bugging you while you read.
• Puts down Ring/Notification volume so that notifications do not disturb you while you read.
• All these settings are user configurable to their best comfort.
• Reverts settings back to normal when Reading Mode is switched off.
• Super light weight.
•蓝光过滤器 - 保护您的眼睛,当你正在阅读的很长一段时间。它使你的眼睛英里,距株甚至当你读了几个小时。
•低于最低亮度 - 使看着屏幕舒适,即使它是伸手不见五指。
•自动暂停 - 阅读模式自动暂停,当某个应用程序正在使用。

# Several Bug fixes

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