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Transport Urban

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Transport Urban - Public transport route planner.
Available cities: Bucharest and Iasi (more to be added soon)
Whether you are a student, a tourist or a local, Transport Urban is the perfect journey planner "kit": map, stations, tools, directions and everything else you might need, all wrapped up in a smooth interface. Plan your routes in seconds, buy tickets & subscriptions*, share them with your friends or save them for later viewing.
- clean and easy to use interface;
- map + subway / bus / tram stations;
- easy to understand, step-by-step directions;
- estimated distances, times and journey costs;
- visual feedback: view / explore your route on the map;
- search: streets & places of interest;
- gps: set your current location as departure / arrival point;
- advanced planning options;
- Romanian & English languages;
- always up to date.
* currently available only in Bucharest
Note: internet connection required - no offline mode. Route calculations are performed by our web server, to ensure fast and up to date results.
Visit our full-featured desktop app at:


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