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Photo Editor

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=> This is a simple and easy application for photo color effects.=> This is app has the collection of best instant photo effects. => This is for all people who love photos and effects! You can take photos from camera or phone gallery and then add space effects to those pictures ! It works for all kinds of landscape, party and personal images.=> This is the best photo editor app for android.The structure of the app is very simple and clear: even a child can use it! However, despite its simplicity, it provides a decent quality for your images and a wide range of photo effects.Photo Editor Effects Free is an awesome Photography application with the following features:Edit your photos with great photo effects..Includes Holga, Lomo, Fisheye, Thermal, Pointillize, Drawing, and more photo effects...Instant preview of all effects, chaining of multiple effects, intuitive photo editor.Save them to album gallery. All Photos are saved under /sdcard/photoEffects folder. Search for the photoEffects folder and you will see your photos there.15+ Free space effects. These effects include Pencil Sketch, rounded corners, Tint image , shaded image and many more to come.


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