New Baby- Little Ocean Babies!

New Baby- Little Ocean Babies!

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Congratulations on your new mermaid baby! Being a mommy is a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun, too! Take care of a little ocean princess in the fun, creative game Mermaid New Baby.While your mermaid baby swims around like a little fish, she needs to be taken care of. Give her baths, make sure she eats her food, and dress her up in the fanciest mermaid clothes! Remember: you're this baby's mommy, you have to do everything you can to make sure she's happy!Babies need a lot of attention, especially when they're from the ocean. Treat your newborn like a princess as you take care of her every need. Dress her up with new hairstyles and makeup, change outfits to find the perfect look, and give her a good education on how to be the best mermaid she can be!Features:- Take care of a newborn baby mermaid under the ocean.- Dress her up in costumes, give her accessories and makeup.- A fun and educational game!How to Play:- Use the touch screen to interact with the baby.- Add clothes, makeup, accessories with the touch screen.--FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HUGS N HEATS--Like us on Facebook at us on Twitter our web page at to find more games!


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