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IMPORTANT NOTE: HP ePrint Enterprise for Good will not operate without the necessary licenses from Good Technology. It has been specially developed to operate with the Good Dynamics mobile application platform. For information on Good Technology licenses go to mobileappsales@good.com Secure business printing on-the-go! HP ePrint Enterprise for Good is a mobile printing app for use in companies that are using Good Dynamics™ to secure their business apps. HP ePrint Enterprise for Good provides safeguarded printing to networked printers within the enterprise as well as to HP’s network of 30,000 Public Print Locations at places like FedEx Office, The UPS Store, Swiss Post, and more. How it works*: 1. Open the HP ePrint Enterprise for Good app and select the content you want to print (emails, web pages, pictures, documents etc.) or open a document from another app using "Open In". You can also print files from Good for Enterprise app or any other Good-enabled app available on the Google Play. 2. Search for a company printer or public print location by tapping on the "Near me" button to locate the closest options with GPS or by entering keywords in the search bar. 3. Tap Print! You will receive a retrieval code to maintain your privacy - This will be required to get the printout. 4. Go to the selected printing location (company printer, store, hotel front desk, etc.), provide your retrieval code and get your printout. For corporate printing, this app supports companies using HP ePrint Enterprise: a private cloud-based solution for corporate network






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