GT Photo Albums 3D

GT Photo Albums 3D

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Browse through your photos using your fingers to turn the pages, just like on a real photo album!GT Photo Albums 3D allows you to organize your photos into albums and view them like you would in real life. You can choose between 3 display modes for 3D view: always show one page, always two pages or hybrid mode: depending on screen orientation, your album will show left and right pages if in landscape mode, or just one page in portrait mode.GT Photo Albums 3D also provides a "grid" interface, for easy management of your images: rotate images, delete them or simply view EXIF information about that specific picture.Full screen image view and slideshow are also available from the "flat" view mode: pinch to zoom the image in or out, and swipe to show next or previous image.Features:- 3D view: flip the pages just as you would on a real photo album!- 3D view modes: show only one page, show two pages always or hybrid mode: change between one and two pages according to screen orientation- List view: view more images in a traditional "grid" layout- fullscreen image view, with two-finger zoom and swipe to next or previous image- fullscreen slideshow- Album operations: add, delete, rename album and view information about it- Image operations: rotate, delete image, view image details (including EXIF data)- option to import images into an album- Android 4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" look even on earlier versions of AndroidThis application requires several permissions:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - image and album operationsINTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - used by ads
系统:Android 2.2.x以上


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