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Improve your golf game wherever and whenever it works for you.Wouldn’t you like your own coach with you on the range? My Pro To Go is a mobile, interactive golf instruction application featuring not just tips, but personalized lessons from top professional instructors, based on your golf swing. You can’t always find the time for a private lesson, so let My Pro To Go bring the instructor to you!With My Pro To Go you use your smart phone, tablet or other recording device to capture video of your golf swing. You then submit the video to a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach right from your mobile device. Within a few days your personal coach critiques the swing, using audio commentary and drawing tools to highlight swing flaws and suggest the necessary adjustments. He then sends the lesson back to you to view on your mobile device or computer.The Lesson That Goes With YouNow you can start a new lesson or refer to an existing one wherever you are – on the range, in your backyard or even your hotel room. Your latest lesson, and a library of all your lessons are available 24/7. Make the most of your practice time and accelerate your improvement with this convenient format.The application, and the instruction, are powered by GolfTEC, the undisputed leader in golf improvement. They feature:- 95% success rate over millions of lessons given- the world’s largest single provider of golf instruction- Proven, sequential plans to improve your game with lasting results- over 400,000 students across the North America, Japan and Korea- more than 500 Certified Personal Coaches, most PGA or LPGA certifiedMy Pro To Go couldn’t be easier to use.One of the advantages of My Pro To Go is that once you’ve submitted your video, everything you need for a convenient, highly productive lesson is right here.It starts with your WebLesson®. You’ll hear the voice of your coach, referring directly to your video, addressing your particular swing issues and using graphic technology to make them even clearer.You’ll begin with a general overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your set-up position and swing. Your coach will then focus on a particular part of the swing that needs attention. That way, with each lesson, you’ll have only one thing to focus on, as a progressive step toward a new and better swing. Each lesson ends with specific direction of what you need to work on.






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