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The SmartMyTracks is a application for "SONY SmartWatch" with Google My Tracks works on your terminal. This application can control to start & stop record tracks and mark waypoints of Google My Tracks on your terminal via SmartWatch.[NOTE]To use SmartMyTracks you need to check "Menu>More>Settings>Sharing>Allow access" in My Trackss menu on your terminal.Also dont use storage setting to "Move to SD card" for My Tracks.[Operation]Shown a track recording ready display, after the SmartMyTrack launched. Recording starts by "Round-shaped button" with long-push operation. Already a recording has started; it changes to following display automatically.During a recording, you can select the display feature SPEED or PACE or TOTAL DISTANCE by swipe right(km/h,/km,KM) / left(MPH,/mile,Mile). Recording stops by "Square-sheped button" with long-push operation. Marker set by "Pin button" with tapping.Additionally you can change the screen power-save setting by "left-top mark" tapping. Note that if you set the power-save off, the SmartWatch battery exhaust early. Also if My Tracks access setting is disabled, it shown not allowed display after recording starts.1. Track recording ready display.Start a tracking : Long-push a "Round-shaped button".Screen power save : Tap a "left-top mark".2. Track recording displayStop a tracking : Long-push a "Square-shaped button".Mark a waypoint : Tap a "Pin button"Screen power save : Tap a "left-top mark".[Life cycle]The track recording is still continuing after the SmartMyTracks exit. Also the recording is continuing after the SmartMyTracks re-start and you can control them. So you can use other application once the SmartMyTracks exit. Note that during the SmartMyTracks exit, GPS capturing of My Tracks stops.If you have any question, please contact below[Tested terminal with "SONY SmartWatch"]Sony Ericsson Xperia ray SO-03CSony Ericsson Xperia arc SO-01CSony Ericsson S51SESamsung Galaxy NEXUS SC-04D(Buttons are overlapped in Track recording display)LiveWare? extension for SmartWatch





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