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一步让智能机适合老年人!*** PRO version SPECIAL PRICE - Limited time offer ****** PRO版本特价 - 有限的时间内提供***Tired of all the bells and whistles that come complete in today’s phones? Hi-res cameras, speedy processors and cool apps just aren’t your thing?Whatever the case may be for you (or perhaps parents or grandparents), Simple Phone Seniors is a wonderful breath of fresh air, it allows you to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS: no frills and no unnecessary features.Simple Phone Seniors keeps things simple.The interface features a chunky, simple design with large buttons for easy phoning and texting:- Large home screen optimised for elderly people and people with bad sight- Big buttons and large fonts for all the basic functions of the phone - telephone and SMS- Quick-dial buttons to make direct calls to most important numbers (Pro only)- Access to the address book (Pro only)- Automatically loads on startup (Pro only)- After the installation, no connection requiredOlder people are certainly considering buying touch screen devices because their kids and grand kids talk about them all the time. They are just scared of them because the interface is too complex. With Simple Phone Seniors you’ll make them happy!We really do like hearing from you, so drop us a line at and let us know your feedback or suggestions!Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.Made with love by DuckMa Srl ( Phone Seniors, the smartest way to convert a cheap smartphone in a simple phone for seniors.





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