Allies In War

Allies In War

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Play the #1 fan favorite War Game - Allies in War and join thousands of other online players! This is the ultimate game of war where you build your empire and alliances as well as both team-up and battle with other players to compete who is the ultimate war master in the World! Allies in War is all about building up your base, military clans and units, upgrading buildings and defenses, and crushing the enemy bases to teach them to fear your alliance. Donate to unlock new buildings, and help your friends defeat Bosses in epic fights.To win the war collect bonus items from challenging single player missions and epic co-operative battles. Form Alliances with friends and other players, and fight in weekly tournaments for big rewards. Learn how to use your troops, traps, and defenses to earn medals, take resources from other players, and dominate on the battlefield!Fun. Simple to use. Addictive. Social. Combat. War! The world is erupting in conflict, enemies are coming for your riches, and the only thing between them and you losing everything are you and your Allies in War. Grab arms and fight!If you wish to get more news on Allies in War, follow us on our facebook page:

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