Shopping List Android

Shopping List Android

Fixed some issues related to sending shopping lists to friends
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Despite the prevalence of smartphones the absolute majority of the people still goes shopping with lists written on paper shits. Shopping List Android is a simple and convenient application for managing shopping list. It allows your smarthphone to replace paper shits once and forever.
Thanks to Shopping List Android your shopping list is always at your hand. Remember something to buy? You don't have to use a pen or a paper. Your smartphone is always with you so keep your shopping list at your smartphone and don't forget anything anymore.
Shopping List Android's major features:
- Want to send shopping list to your spouse or a friend? You can do it in several touches with Shopping List Android. Send shopping list by Facebook, VK, Skype, by email or via SMS.
- Shopping List Android offers you a convenient shopping list split by categories, so you don't have to look it through in each section of a store.
- Strike out items by a single touch. What could be easier?
- You can always postpone a purchase for tomorrow and it will automatically appear in the list the next day.
- Use shopping list widgets for home screen and shopping list windgets for lock screen. They will always remind you of the purchases you need.
- Your smartphone screen doesn't get locked while shpping. You don't have to unlock the screen every time you put some goods into your basket.
- Shopping List Android offers a pre-populated database in English.
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Fixed some issues related to sending shopping lists to friends

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