Side-By-Side Video Player

Side-By-Side Video Player

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VR headsets like the Durovis Dive or Eyedak vrAse are giving us new ways to experience games, however it seems that no one is thinking about new ways to experience movies and videos. By utilizing their smartphones and a compatible headset everyone can have a screen at low cost, which is perceived as bigger than a cinema screen.The Side-By-Side Video Player enables you to have this cinema-like experience wherever you want by playing your plain old videos side by side, so they can be watch with a VR headset. Just open any compatible video file directly from your device or stream videos via the web. While there are other "cinema experience" apps for Android, our solution is the only one available, which focus on delivering the highest video quality and usability by abstaining from VR cinema environments.Some of the Side-By-Side Video Player's features are:- Play regular videos or movies side-by-side- Play webstreams (which can be started out of a browser)- Play videos with no restriction to resolution (as long as your hardware can handle it)- Fullscreen for a high degree of immersion- Zoom in and out of videos in order to find a comfortable settingRestrictions/How-to use:- To watch a video with the Side-By-Side Video Player open a compatible video file through a file browser of your choice- This app can't be started by itself and does not show up in the app drawer!- The Side-By-Side Video Player plays regular 2D videos in a 2D fashion. There is no 3D effect and currently there is no intent to make the app play 3D videos or create a 3D effect- Valid video formats: Side-By-Side Video Player is developed especially for the Durovis Dive headset, while similar headsets should work just fine as well.If you are finding yourself using and enjoying the SBS Video Player, please show some support!Bitcoin: 1KtkW4tuJqEZD2cZ8EH1Un6VGPqAqh3otSDogecoin: D8m8w6VAuYbKs6Nxm1jnQkT4SvbTMsxdG9


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