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IMPORTANT: If you are a current user then please read on as there have been some very important changes in this new release. Users can no longer access remotes created with the previous application or any previous versions of this application. Updating will cause you to loose all of your Saved Remotes. Unfortunately, previous versions of IR Universal Remote could potentially access material that another developer has gained sole rights to. Other changes include: The volume pad graphics have been changed. All preset backgrounds have been removed and replaced with solid color backgrounds. The LIRC database has been removed. If you have already unlocked this application then the application will still be unlocked. You will not have to unlock again. You will need to open the application then close it followed by reopening it to have the features appear as unlocked. YOU WILL NEED TO RECREATE YOUR SAVED REMOTES. I cannot undo this so please do not ask. I am sorry for the inconvenience.NEW - v1.16 Google Play Services integration. If you see a comment that looks like it may be spam please mark it as either spam or unhelpful. Please consider taking a second to leave a rating if you found this application useful. Remember, this app was developed by one person only :)IR Universal Remote IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OTHER DEVELOPERS OR APPLICATIONS! IR Universal Remote turns your phone into a real universal remote. Use your phone's built in IR Blaster to control infrared devices such as your TV and Cable Box (and much more). A phone or tablet with a built in IR Blaster is required. This application has thousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds of thousands of different IR remote codes and is continuously growing in supported devices. IR Universal Remote is one of the most universal applications in Google Play. Whether your kids have lost the TV remote or you just want to turn up the game at the bar you can always use your phone.The Google Play Store recently suspended the main listing for IR Universal Remote:Why the suspension? - Another developer obtained rights to a database that stores infrared codes. IR Universal Remote accessed infrared codes from a third party website that uses a copy of the same database. It is a website with a relatively small set of outdated codes. All links to the website have been completely removed from this application. Why the new Google Play Listing? - This listing is the updated version of IR Universal Remote.Will I loose my in-app upgrade? - You will not be charged again if you have already paid. Open the application close it and reopen it to access unlocked features and remove all ads. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SAVED REMOTES AFTER UPDATING! Paid Features:*Hold buttons down to send repeat commands (Saved Remotes)*Save Custom Remotes from the IR databases (Options tab inside Saved Remotes)*Widgets. (Widgets are linked to last used Saved Remote).*Haptic feedback *Change button backgrounds*Add custom images for button backgrounds (long press the image to remove it)*Change remote backgrounds*Add custom images for remote backgrounds*Edit button texts*Edit button IR signals*Adjust button sizes*Adjust button positions*Drag and drop buttons*Hide buttons*Manually input IR codes not found in the IR databases*Quickly edit saved remote buttons (Edit Mode - Long press menu button in bottom left hand corner for Edit Mode)Privacy Policy:IR Universal Remote uses Google Play email addresses to verify in app purchases ensuring unlocked features are available across multiple devices and after device resets. To provide this, IR Universal Remote stores your Google+ email address on a remote server. Your email address is only stored if you choose to have ads removed.


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