Birthday Greeter

Birthday Greeter

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Birthday Greeter is an Android app which automatically greets your Facebook friends birthday by sending a personal message, predefined by you to your friends' Inbox on the day of their birthday!Birthday Greeter alerts you every time it sends a message to your friends, so you can always track your birthdays and also add the extra personal touch and write on their wall.No worries, Birthday Greeter works even if you are offline, you will never miss a friend's birthday!Never again forget to send your friend your birthday wishes by using Birthday Greeter.#### HOW TO USE ####In order to use this application, you will need an active Facebook account.1) Login with your Facebook account2) Set your personalized birthday message. You can use the wildcards $n, $f, and $l instead of your friends full name, first name and last name respectively. They will be automatically replaced at run time!3) Select the friends who you wish Birthday Greeter to monitor. You can choose some of them, all of them or none.4) Set the time when Birthday Greeter should check if some of your friends have a birthday today.5) Sit back and relax... :)Birthday Greeter will automatically send your personal birthday wishes to your friends Inbox! You will also receive a notification when this is done and you will be given the option to also write on their wall!Your personal message, friends and alarm time are backed-up to your Google account (where applicable) and will synchronize with all of your devices which are set to restore your application settings from your Google account!From the team at 4X Studios, we wish you a Happy Birthday Greeter!#### EXPLANATION ON PERMISSIONS ####- Internet and Access Network state are necessary for Google AdMob. We are promising to continue delivering free and awesome applications, but we need the advertisements to help us invest more time and effort in them. We thank you endlessly for bearing with us.- System Tools (Prevent phone/tablet from sleeping) helps us ensure that the application sends your birthday greetings to all of your friends. In the unlikely event that you have more than 100 friends who have their birthday on the same day, this permission ensures that your device will not go to sleep until it has sent each and every one of the greetings!#### UPDATING ####We are working tirelessly to provide our users with the best user experience ever. This is the reason why we are rolling updates weekly, sometimes even daily! We hope that you appreciate our effort and swiftness when responding to user generated reports. It is highly recommended to uninstall and re-install Birthday Greeter before a major update, which will be clearly emphasized in the "What's New" section.


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