Toddler Animal Numbers Ad Free

Toddler Animal Numbers Ad Free

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A simple, multi-sensory activity to teach 1 to 10 counting to pre-school children.
Learning to count is one of the most fundamental skills that pre-school children aim to master. It is a universal development milestone and their first introduction to the
world of mathematics. Children have a concept of numbers even before their 1st birthday and many can recite a few numbers in sequence by their 2nd birthday. By the time they
enter school, children can use counting to determine the size of a set.
This application demonstrates the basic concept of counting to pre-school children, the names of the numbers from 1 to 10 and their order, the fact that each item can only be
used once in counting and that the order they choose to count does not alter the result. The application uses beautifully drawn images of diverse animals and an artists voice
that recites the number while they are being counted. By simply touching them with their finger, children can start counting the animals as they appear on the screen. The order
they touch the animals does not make a difference in the final result.
We hope you and your young children enjoy the experience!


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