Animals of Winter

Animals of Winter

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Meet animal friends living on North Pole. Simply beautiful! ***Main Features:- Home screen Lock option- Atom Bar: Google search, digital clock, clock + Quick Setting, clock + Google Search- Streamlined Widgets: Memory Cleaner, Flash, Clock, Memo Calendar, Contact, Settings and Search Bar- Gestures: Pinch, Double Touch, Slide, Long-Touch- Edit tray: Simple and easy management of applications with a quick and easy edit mode.- Smart Folders: Supports customizable folders on your home screen. You can resize folders and directly launch without opening the folder.- 2 Folder Styles : Supports both thumbnail shapes and basic shapes.- Dock Bar: Access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly, includes various filter effects, screen settings and opacity adjustment capability.- Beautiful and Simple Themes: New, custom themes are being continuously released through the Atom Store. Designed to be minimalistic and beautiful. - Multi-Wallpaper: Automatically switch between 3-24 different wallpapers when the display is turned on/off.- Icon Customization: Mix and match icons and gallery images between themes.- Point Color Change: Atom bar menu icon, guide line’s color can be changed with color picker.- Live Background: Brings your background into the 21st century – beautiful animated backgrounds.- Wide-Ranging Theme Support: Supports existing SSKIN and GO launcher themes.- Hide Application Icons: Selectively hide app icons to keep your Home clean and organized. (Hidden apps can be searched through All apps serach option)- Home Screen Copy: Copy the home screen you have set up via another launcher over to Atom Launcher.- Customizable App Grids: Size the Grid determining the amount of Apps visible on your home screen and All Apps screen to a max of 6*6 and 5*6 apps respectively.- Backup / Restore Settings: Backs up your settings with up to three different themes and icon sets. ▶ Atom Family- All in One Widget Provides Widgets - Memo, Monthly Calendar, Daily Calendar, Quick Settings, Contacts, Search Bar, Digital Clock, and Analog Clock.- Atom Store With the participation of a few famous illustrators, artists and actors, we are building out a rich and diverse library of themes and icons for your Android. (You can also search for widgets via the Atom Store)***PLEASE READ- Available from Android OS version 4.0.2 and above- Requires 10 MB space to save theme resources- To enhance usability, installed theme doesn’t appear- Not available for Tab Devices (Extra-Large Screens)- Badges: Display missed call, unread messages (ATOM only supports default apps on your Android device, does not support device-specific functions)- Due to resolution issues, service is currently inactive for “Optimus View”*** Customer SupportWe listen to your feedback and are continuously trying to improve – if you have any comments, ideas or feedback, please leave a review or come say hello on our Facebook page at


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