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Control and monitor your mydlink™ connected home devices using your smartphone or tablet. Turn light or device power on and off remotely with the tap of a button, or set up schedules to automatically turn on or off at certain times. You can check monthly power consumption and set a power budget to receive alerts when your monthly limit is approaching, and also set the power to automatically shut off when thermal sensors detect excessive heat within a smart plug. For mydlink motion or window sensors, you can receive alerts when activity is detected, as well as check detection notification history. With the intuitive user interface, you can instantly see the status of all your mydlink connected home products, and set up policies for interaction between multiple devices, such as PIR motion sensors and smart plugs, or window sensors and sirens. Feature highlights of this app include:• Add and set up new mydlink connected home devices• Turn power on and off using your smartphone or tablet• Create schedules to automatically turn power on and off• Check and receive notifications and alerts based on pre-determined event policies• Check how much power your mydlink connected home devices are using• Set a monthly power budget and receive alerts when the limit is approaching• Set thresholds to automatically shut off power when a mydlink Smart Plug detects excessive temperature inside the plug• Configure detection settings for mydlink motion and window sensors• Create policies based on the interaction between devices, such as turning a light on or off when activity is detected by a motion sensor• Setup your device by QR code• Support new model: DCS-935LThis app is compatible with the following models: DCS-935L, DSP-W215, DCH-S150, DSP-W110Note: For providing more features, we will force to upgrade device F/W for DSP-W215, DCH-S150 and DSP-W110. After finishing those F/W upgrade, please reset your schedule for each model.


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