Dragon Bane

Dragon Bane

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√Dragon Bane is an instance-based fantasy role-playing game on Android. Experience the thrilling dragon-slaying adventure now!√Play for free! Download now to earn a precious in-game Growth Pack!! √Experience the epic stories in this specially designed mobile MMORPG on Android!What our players are saying:"A truly refreshing RPG! Great community and sweet game mechanics! Wish I had more hands to tap four thumbs up!" -- Deren Knight"Such a wonderful game! Try out and you will know! Keep me going back to my cell every min... Need a backup battery now..." -- Haidezs Camelot"Definitely for people who love strategy game as this game needs lots of strategy." -- Xenon HunterFeatures:•High definition graphics and stunning character design.•10 classes, dozens of companions and many formations give you countless choices to customize your party and prepare for battles!•More than 200 instances and many challenging bosses are waiting!•Fight other players from all over the world in the Arena!•Seek help from the mystic alchemists for powerful crystals!•Explore every corner of the land to earn the trust of the unique and mighty companions!•Dungeons, Guilds, Aeons, Tournaments, Cross-realm PvP, etc! Everything you can imagine in a PC MMORPG is now on your mobile!More Info:*Dragon Bane is free to play. Players can choose to pay real money to buy extra in-game items such as Diamonds, which will charge your Google Play account.*Devices with 1G Ram or above are recommended for better gaming experience.Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/en.dragonbane


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