Traffic Cow

Traffic Cow

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Traffic Cow is awesome traffic game where cow is stuck in traffic and you need help cow navigate through the traffic to reach its baby (Calf). Traffic cow is a unique games where cow is the hero and she needs to reach the end of each levels to reach her babies.Traffic Cow has high speed vehicles on freeway including sports cars, Police on Hot Pursuit for the Thieves, People on Bikes and scooters and irresponsible people traffic on the road violating all traffic rules. You need to navigate all these vehicles on freeway to help cow reach its baby. Help the cow reach the calf through the traffic.Make sure Cow doesn't get hit by any vehicles on high speed chase or irresponsible drivers or sports cars and at the same make sure cow doesn't hit the bicyclists and scooters or the stupid people that talk on the street. Help the cow in hot pursuit chases and traffic to reach its calf and be a hero.


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