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What is it?This is a appdrawer replacement. In the normal appdrawers that exists right now, you can only organize your apps in generic ways(alphabetically, more recently used,...) or in folders that make accessing your apps one step further to reach. No more worries. Devbro Appdrawer now fixes this problem. You can organize your apps in folders and swipe to access them. It can be easily replaced with all general appdrawers, just replace the shortcut in go launcher, ADW launcher and etc. Or you can create a shortcut to it for daily use.What else can it do?You can organize your folders in whatever customized order you like. It is also possible to uninstall or view each app's info just by long clicking on the icon.What is the cost?It is free. No catches of any kind.What are the permissions for?I am looking for how my app will be used by other people. So There is a small code that send me a list of your folders and how you organized them. There is also a list of how you ran your programs.All data that are being sent are generated from within the app. nothing else is sent. If you do not like the idea you can simply disable it from the settings menu. If you like to do this manually, there is also an option for it in the settings.The access to sdcard is needed for backup and restore.How can I contact you?Use XDA forum at this link:






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