Desserts recipes

Desserts recipes

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Welcome!In this appendix you will find:- 60 tasty recipes with photosContents:* Apple baked with nuts* Apple cheesecake with caramel* Apple strudel with cinnamon* Apple, stuffed with cottage cheese* Apples in caramel* Baked pancakes with cherries* Banana and honey smoothie* Banana Oatmeal Breakfast* Banana-split cake* Buckwheat cake with blackberry jam* Cake «Marika»* Cheesecakes Diet* Chocolate cake in 2 minutes* Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze* Chocolate cake with pears* Chocolate cake with zucchini* Chocolate eggs with raspberry* Chocolate lava-cake* Chocolate Mousse* Chocolate pancakes* Chocolate paste with nuts* Chocolate podekrem - French dessert in a cup* Chocolate truffles* Coconut flan* Coconut macaroon cake with blackberries* Cookies for Halloween* Cottage cheese and peach souffle* Cottage cheese dessert with raspberry jelly* Dessert "Snowball"* Dessert "two hearts"* Dessert with green apple* Easter chocolate and candied fruit* Figs, baked with cheese* Fruit casserole* Fruit salad* Grilled peaches with whipped cream* Homemade granola* Homemade marshmallows* Hot chocolate* Jellied cheese cake with berries* Kalakand* Kurd orange and ginger* Mousse of poppy* Muesli with yoghurt and fresh fruit* Natural sweets: roasted sweet potatoes and apple cinnamon* Oatmeal* Oatmeal cookies with bananas* Peach mousse with grapefruit* Pear Cream with Grapes* Peppermint candy* Pineapple with banana cream* Pistachio meringues with strawberries* Polish cakes for tea* Slippers for Apples* Strawberry and rhubarb crumble* Strawberry Cheesecake* Strawberry dessert* The classic recipe for brownies* Waffles classic (unleavened)* Сake "pile of"We are ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions for further development of the application.You can contact us by and we will respond to all your questions and comments.Bon appetit!


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