Battery Bodyguard

Battery Bodyguard

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Battery Bodyguard, an easy-to-use smart battery saving App, can extend the battery life of Android devices. It can accurately estimate the remaining battery time. One Click Power Saver provides different power management modes to extend battery life. Features:★One Click Power Saver, Extend Battery Life★It only takes one tap of the One Click Power Saver to reach the optimal power mode without any manual operation. ★Power-hungry App Rank★A ranking of all the power-hungry Apps enables users to easily judge which apps are using the most power and stop them. Optimize Apps to extend battery life. ★Accurately Estimate Remaining Battery Life★Accurately estimate how long the battery will last with a unique self-learning mode. ★Various Battery Saving Modes★1.Optimal Mode - Enable battery life to reach the optimal power status 2.Sleep Mode - Save more battery with only alarm clock available3.Super Saving Mode - Will extend battery life. No need to worry about running out of power at crucial times.4.Highly Customized Mode - Create your own personalized battery saving method. Set all the parameters at will, and take control of your phone.Feel free to contact us:E-mail: CLauncher@cyou-inc.comFacebook:


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