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圣经网关圣经的应用程序是官方免费的手机阅读圣经和学习经验 。圣经网关圣经软件提供了许多美妙的方式来体验阅读圣经和圣经的研究,其中包括:超过90种不同的圣经译本,包括NIV , KJV ,ESV , NKJV , NLT , HCSB ,你们, CEB ,消息( MSG ) ,扩增圣经( AMP )等等。易于使用和可靠的圣经搜索 在您所选择的翻译每日圣经金句 每日圣经阅读计划在许多不同的翻译和样式的圣经音频个人笔记 - 无论是一般笔记和注释标记特定经文可以创建 星是你最喜欢的经文, 突出显示“圣经”诗句或段落 轻松查看圣经学习资源(圣经注释,圣经辞典等)来帮助你解开你的经文 和集成共享工具,使快速和简单的Facebook和Twitter上与你的朋友和家人分享您最喜爱的经文即将到来的特点:- 低光阅读模式。容易对眼睛,当你在较暗的环境。- 创建帐户。在云中存储你的笔记,我的最爱和亮点,跨设备或“圣经”门户网站同步。- 灵修。相关圣经文本阅读每日灵修边端。还有更多! The Bible Gateway Bible App is the OFFICIAL and FREE mobile Bible reading and study experience from ( Bible Gateway Bible App offers many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including:* More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, HCSB, NASB, CEB, The Message (MSG), Amplified Bible (AMP) and many more.* Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search* Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice* Daily Bible reading plans* Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles* Personal notes - both general notes and notes tagged to specific Bible verses can be created* Star the Bible verses that are your favorite* Highlight Bible verses or passages* Easily view Bible study resources (Bible Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc.)to help you unpack your ure reading* And integrated sharing tools make it quick and simple to share your favorite Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and TwitterFeatures coming soon:- Low-light reading mode. Easy on the eyes when you are in a darker environment.- Account creation. Store your notes, favorites and highlights in the cloud, and sync them across devices or to the Bible Gateway website.- Devotionals. Read daily devotions side-by-side with pertinent Bible text.And much more!Bible Gateway's mission is to encourage Bible reading and deepen ural understanding among Bible readers worldwide. We fulfill that mission by making ure and Bible study texts freely available in as many languages and translations as possible, in the web browser and on the mobile device. For more about who we are, visit About Us ( and read our Statement of Faith (


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