Fish with Attitude

Fish with Attitude

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Find out why everyone loves Fish with Attitude! Breed fish with amazing personalities and discover a whole new world of delightful aquatic characters! From the makers of Happy Aquarium - the #1 Fish Game on Facebook - comes Fish with Attitude! Whether they’re Nice or Mean, Flirty or Nerdy, pair up different fish to get even more unique personalities for your tank! You might find yourself getting addicted to this game as you feed your fish, watch them grow, decorate your tanks, and invite your friends to visit! Can you breed them all? Dive in to Fish with Attitude! FEATURES:* Breed your own adorable world of underwater personalities - you’ve never seen fish like this! * From love to hate, watch how different fish personalities collide!* Treasure hunt with your fish and dig up exclusive items, such as Android desserts, you can’t get anywhere else!* Treat your fish to their favorite toys and make all your fish ecstatic!* Customize your tanks with vibrant wallpapers and animated decorations to delight your fish! Download Fish with Attitude for free! And don’t forget to rate us and tell us what you think! __________________________________________Payments FAQ: Does Fish with Attitude allow in-game payments?Fish with Attitude is a free-to-play game, but like many games in the Play Store, there is the option of purchasing in-game items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature. __________________________________________About CrowdStarCrowdStar is a global leader in the social gaming industry with a community of millions of gamers. CrowdStar has created some of the most popular fashion games including It Girl and Top Girl, in addition to other addictive casual games like Happy Aquarium and Happy Pets ________________________________________Stay Connected Facebook: @TheFishGameYoutube: 为什么大家都喜欢鱼的态度! 养鱼以惊人的个性和令人愉快的水产品字符发现一个全新的世界! 从制造商的快乐水族馆 - 游戏在Facebook上排名第一的鱼 - 来自鱼的态度!不管他们是尼斯或均值,性感美女或书呆子,不同的鱼配对,以获得更独特的个性为你的坦克!您可能会发现自己越来越沉迷于这个游戏,因为你喂你的鱼,看着他们长大,装饰你的坦克,并邀请您的朋友来参观! 你能滋生他们?潜水鱼的态度! 特点:*培育出自己的可爱的个性水下的世界 - 你从来没见过这样的鱼!从爱到恨,看不同的鱼的个性碰撞!*寻宝你的鱼,挖掘出独特的项目,如Android的甜点,你不能让任何地方!*处理你的鱼自己喜爱的玩具,让你的鱼欣喜若狂!*自定义你的坦克,充满活力的壁纸和动画的装饰,让您的鱼! 下载免费的态度鱼!而且不要忘了来评价我们,并告诉我们您的想法! __________________________________________付款常见问题解答: 鱼的态度是否允许在游戏中支付?鱼的态度是一款免费玩游戏,但像许多有趣的游戏Play商店,有选择用真钱购买游戏中的物品。关闭设备上的in-app购买,如果你想禁用此功能。 __________________________________________关于CrowdStar的CrowdStar的是数以百万计的玩家社区的社交游戏行业的全球领导者。 CrowdStar的创造了一些最流行的时尚游戏,包括它的女孩和TOP GIRL,除了其他快乐水族馆等上瘾的休闲游戏快乐准许携带。 ________________________________________保持连接 Facebook的:叽叽喳喳:@ TheFishGame中YouTube的:


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