NFC Tagstore Shop and Writer

NFC Tagstore Shop and Writer

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The Connecthings NFC Tag Writer amp; reader application allows you to easily create your own NFC tags by storing URL, SMS, phone numbers for an immediate call request or even create smart posters. The embedded data can be read automatically and launch the associated services. An option allows you to erase the content of your tag to rewrite it with another data and share the content with other NFC enabled phones. A predefined catalog of services is proposed to give you ideas and examples about different ways to use NFC tags and ease your life. Moreover, you can enrich this catalogue by suggesting contents, services and propose you own links.Wanna go further? You have the possibility to order directly blanks tags or create your own design and services on your tags via our website available with a click through this application.Main features Create NFC tag content Read and write NFC tags Predefined NFC contents catalogue Intuitive and easy user interface Erase the data embedded in your tag Share data via NFC tags Extended features set compared to the native Android tag applicationOverview of the main functionalities SMS to create and sendmessageswith a pre determined phone number Call request to immediately call the number read on the tag URL to directly open the web address in the phones browser Smart poster to open the web address in the phones browser with its associated description Delete the data stored in your tag Easily order NFC tags Coming soon: vcard, calendar events, launch application task launcher that interacts with the systemThis application has been tested on Nexus S phone. If you find any problem or want to request a feature, please send an email to powered by Connecthings, provider of NFC endtoend solutions. For further information, please contact us at
系统:Android 2.3.3以上


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